EASACEuropean Academies Scientific Advisory Council (The Royal Society, London)
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In Europe, the EASAC has produced a document in which they advise against DTC genetic testing as they state that it has little clinical value at present and has the potential to be harmful.
[12.] EASAC. Direct-to-consumer genetic testing for health-related purposes in the European Union: The view from EASAC and FEAM.
The rate at which costs reduce with deployment is referred to as the 'learning rate', that is 'the percentage reduction in costs for each doubling of installed capacity' (EASAC, 2011, p.
Many other countries are likely to reach grid parity by 2020 for solar PV-generated electricity (Bazilian et al., 2012; Bony, Doig, Hart, Maurer, & Newman, 2010; Branker et al., 2011; BZE, 2010; EASAC, 2011; EERE, 2010a; IEA, 2010a; Jablonski, Tarhini, Touati, Gonzalez Garcia, & Alario, 2012), with prices continuing to fall strongly after that (EERE, 2010b; IEA, 2010a).
EASAC states that 'incorporating thermal storage capacity can extend the operating period of the CSP [CST] plant by a few hours after sunset up to 24 hour, base-load operation' (2011, p.
There are other forms of CST beside the solar tower shown in Figure 7; for example, the parabolic trough, Linear Fresnel Reflector (LFR) and dish (for descriptions see BZE, 2012; EASAC, 2011; IEA, 2010b; Wyld & MMA, 2008).
According to EASAC, Worldwide in 2011, 1.3 GW of CSP [CST] were operating and a further 2.3 GW were under construction' (2011, p.
Hence CST plants with storage can complement the variable generation of other renewable energy technologies (Dunn et al., 2012) and effectively enable greater penetration (i.e., higher percentages) of wind and solar PV in the electricity grid (Denholm & Mehos, 2011b; IEA, 2010b; EASAC, 2011).
Writing for the European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC), the report said EU governments should better coordinate their actions against a problem that respects no political borders.
- "The objective of 3% of GDP to finance research": workshop organised by the Industry, External Trade, Research and Energy Committees and the European Academies Sciences Advisory Council (EASAC): Tuesday December 2
A report by EASAC to the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy of the European Parliament.--Available from: http://www.easac.org/fileadmin/PDF_s/ reportsstatements/Study.pdf., 2007 (accessed 21st June 2010).