EASCEast Asian Studies Center (various universities)
EASCEven Ascending
EASCEast African Swahili Committee
EASCEarly Action Single Choice (college applications)
EASCExtended Anaerobic Sludge Contact
EASCExternal Anal Sphincter Contraction (sex studies)
EASCExploration of Alternative System Concepts
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EASC was formed in 2008 and inherited basic library services in five communities, incorporating inadequate infrastructure and services with minimal support and training.
The EASC is committed to the delivery of public library services to all nine shire communities and consequently entered into a partnership arrangement with NTL to jointly fund a library and knowledge centre manager position until December 2010.
Through this initiative EASC received grant funding in late 2009 to implement an early years bilingual storytime in all its communities, based on the Yirrkala storytime model.
The community library at Angurugu is incorporating a regular storytime into the women's centre's family programs, which operate under a cooperative arrangement between the Anindilyakwa Land Council and EASC women's and children's services, in communities that do not have a library the program is delivered in cooperation with existing organisations, such as the creche at Gapuwiyak, or on the shire office verandah at Milyakburra.
It can be observed in Table 1 that the increase of the polymerization temperature leads to the increase of the catalyst activity when EASC is the cocatalyst (compare runs P2 and P5), indicating that the active sites remain active during the polymerization at higher temperatures.
The experiments presented in Table 1 show that EASC may be an efficient cocatalyst for the activation of the Ni catalyst during ethylene polymerization.
This behavior is not usual and it is possible that the EASC cocatalyst takes part on the mechanism that leads to isobutyl branch formation.
Particularly, formation of isobutyl branches is strongly influenced by the EASC concentration, indicating that chain transfer to EASC may take part of the branch formation.
During the 45th meeting of EASC, in sochi, contract was inked.
This contract intends to allow the commercial exchange between and beyond EASC member countries while Market harmonization based on IEC International Standards would enable EASC countries to limit dependencies, also leverage electro-technical products and systems that are able to work with each other from millions of suppliers across the world.
Further, fresh contract promotes as well as allows EASC members to give absolute preference to International Standards over any regional or national standards, simply as they are the only ones to be able to provide such global benefits.