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EASIERElectronic Access System for Iowa Education Records (Iowa Department of Education)
EASIEREnhancing Application Software Implementation for Programmable Logic Controllers
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There was deep consciousness about him, and he found it easier to meet her eye than her friend's.
The practice of inhibiting impulses, which is to a great extent necessary to civilized life, makes mistakes easier, by preventing experience of the actions to which a desire would otherwise lead, and by often causing the inhibited impulses themselves to be unnoticed or quickly forgotten.
But it is found that a considerable portion of the satisfaction which these things would bring us if they were realized is to be achieved by the much easier operation of believing that they are or will be realized.
O, let me get into the bield of a house -- I'll can die there easier.
And the fact that he couldn't keep up the character, but confessed, makes him easier to believe in.
Pupils sitting GCSE maths and biology and A-level biology and chemistry this term will take tests changed by examiners to stop them getting easier.
This familiarity makes it easier for instructors to recognize fraudulent work, he said.
Chin also argued that while making a simpler system for everyone would be an arduous task, it may be easier to simplify the process for some, but not others.
The easier the dosing regimen, the more likely you are to be adherent.
To add damper fluid, it's also easier to use a squirt bottle rather than try to pour the fluid out of a can.
XBRL makes it easier to create and document financial information and reduce manual intervention.
They'll try to make it more popular (or so they think), easier to understand, easier to build, easier to fit within the existing .