EASPEscuela Andaluza de Salud Pública (Spain)
EASPEuropean Association of Social Psychology (Germany)
EASPEast Asian Social Policy (est. 2005)
EASPÉcole Andalouse de Santé Publique (Spanish: Andalusian School of Public Health)
EASPEntente Athéon Sport Plaisir (French sports club)
EASPÉducatrices d'Activités Socio-Pédagogiques (French: Educators of Socio-Educational Activities)
EASPExternal Assessment and Strategic Planning
EASPExercise Action Safety Plan
EASPEuropean Association for Safety Parachutes
EASPEfficient Active Subslab Pressurization (radon mitigation method)
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Honeywell will utilize the pressure sensors to help control and monitor the aircraft[sup.1]s Extended Air System Perimeter (EASP).
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Ed, Sea Hunt, Bonanza, Beverly Hillbillies, Andy Griffith Show, Hollywood Palace, Sugarfoot, Wyatt Easp, The Rifleman, Sky King, and hundreds of other classic TV series.
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The Escala de Apoyo Social Percibido (EASP; Rodriguez-Marin, Lopez-Roig, & Pastor, 1989, Terol et al., 2000) was used.