EASREnvironmental Assessment Study Report (Canada)
EASREnterprise Air Surveillance Radar (US Navy)
EASREnvironmental Activity and Sector Registry (Ontario, Canada)
EASREast African Safari Rally (car race)
EASRÉcole d'Application a la Sécurité Routière (French: School Road Safety Application)
EASREuropean Association for the Study of Religion
EASREuropean Age Standardised Rate (cancer)
EASREast Asia Strategic Report
EASREnterprise Architecture Segment Report (US OMB)
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EASR, the newest sensor in the Navy's SPY-6 family of radars, provides simultaneous anti-air and anti-surface warfare, electronic protection and air traffic control for aircraft carriers and amphibious warfare ships.
"The rally will still run as a tribute to Mr J S Vohra and the revised program will be shared once the safety concerns are put to rest," EASR said in a statement.
The annual DOD reports on Chinese military capabilities and the military balance across the Taiwan Strait, the Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR), and the 1998 East Asia Strategic Report (EASR) all view China as a potential challenger to US interests.
Murdock (701) 266-5435 225th AAA SL Bn: Frank Dorsey (545) 786-5042 238th Engrs Combat Bn: Jesse Miller (717) 854-5169 244th Port Co.: Charles Helton (495th Port Bn) (256) 574-2698 26th Inf (Yankee) Div, Midwest Chptr: Kent Stephens (618) 344-1616 281st Engr Combat Bn: Albert Cline (884) 489-6528 335th Radio Research Co (Vietnam): David Steggerda (616) 538-4614 354th Inf/89th Div: Larry Berg (719) 576-4968; e-mail: hb354@aol.com 369th EASR, all co's: Rich Mulcahy (406) 494-1954 3rd Bn, 187th Inf, 101st Abn (1967-68, VN): Harold Maier (541) 933-3372 3rd Bn, 84th Arty (Pershing Missile): Joe Trovato (310) 541-8806; e-mail: Joe.Trovato@cax.usa.xerox.com 44th Div, 63rd Combat Engrs, Co A: Lyndon Brock (815) 774-0834 456th AAA AW Bn: Tom Kyles (704) 872-3320 476th AAA AW Bn: George W.
The North Korean threat is probably best and most succinctly described in the 1998 EASR: "Its August 1998 missile launch, which overflew Japan, underscored for the entire region that North Korea, despite its domestic hardship, continues to pose a threat not only on the Peninsula but to common regional security." (10)
(174.) For recent scholarship by Muslim feminists, see Women in the Middle Easr: Perceptions, Realities and Struggles for Liberation (Haleh Afshar ed., 1993); Leila Ahmed, Women and Gender in Islam (1992); Farida Shaheed, Controlled or Autonomous: Identity and the Experience of the Network, Women Living under Muslim Laws, Signs 997 (Summer 1994).
One of the most brutal examples of the systematic annihilation of indigenous peoples is the Indonesian invasion and occupation of Easr Timor.
Although TCP New Jersey achieves 17% and 85% improvements in goodput over TCP Westwood and TCP Reno, respectively, we further increase TCP New Jersey performance by employing maximized available bandwidth estimation (MABE), handling BER error recovery (BERR), and effective adjustment of sending rate (EASR) for retransmission timeout mechanisms.