EASUEasun Reyrolle Ltd. (India)
EASUEconometrics and Applied Statistics Unit (EU)
EASUExpeditionary Airfield Service Unit
EASUExternal Air Sampling Unit
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What is EASU? This is a process by which healthcare providers receive specialized training and education to prescribe, dispense, and/or administer certain products.
* Some drugs with an EASU may only be dispensed by certain pharmacies or administered by facilities that comply with these requirements.
* Some EASUs require the patient to enroll into a patient registry, whereas others require the prescriber and/ or the dispensing pharmacy to enroll into a registry as well.
* Some EASUs require documentation by the facility or pharmacy of how they met the REMS requirements.
* Some EASUs require baseline and periodic reports from prescribers on patients receiving the drug.
Contract notice: c4558c0070 - civil engineering modifications for the installation of the easu layout on the cpy and bugey floor (20 tr, some of which are optional)
they are all located in the fuel building and listed below: reinforcement and partial filling of the floor at -4 m for the installation of the eas-u exchanger; opening of the hopper at 0 m for the introduction of the exchanger; installation of the eas-u pump anchoring system on the floor at -8 m; realization of farn quill protection casemates on the v14 sail of the fuel building; protection of the routing of the farn connections on the front for bla and gra; making crossings in existing sails and floors; works of disbursement at -8,50 m for the establishment of the anchors of the supports of materials / pipes; installation of the easu pump plate.
Contract award notice: Market for construction of extension to bk for modification ptr bis and easu
(s): Construction of the bk extension for the ptr bis and easu modification.
Open competition: execution of works on finalizing the unified automated financial and business management system (easu fhd) of sue mosgortrans in the area of vat distribution for the needs of the branch information technology service of state unitary enterprise "mosgortrans"
Open Competition: Open tender for the right to enter into an Agreement for the provision of services to support the Unified automated system of financial and economic activity (EASU PCD) SUE Mosgortrans
Open Competition: Provision of services in the field of information technology for the acquisition of non-exclusive (user) rights antivirus software for workstations and file servers EASU Federal Agency for State Reserves.