EATOÉcole d'Analyse Transactionnelle Spécialisation Organisations (French: School of Transactional Analysis Specialization Organizations)
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DOMUS provided sponsorship for the project, spearheaded by Jonathan Eato's Jazz in South Africa (JISA) project.
(18.) In conjunction with these events a composers' panel was set up with Jonathan Eato, Zim Ngqawana, Tete Mbambisa, Louis Moholo, and a performance was held by pianist Daniel-Ben Pienaar.
EATO takes that down to about 60 transactions over about three days," Hansen said.
"Our aim is to retain a very exclusive feel," said Ms Eato. "And therefore we stock a range of sought-after brands.
Ms Eato said: "We're extending Missy Chango's beyond the online shop to bring you Missy of the Month.
p Etihad midfie representatives w with City's mone the next followi the 29-'unloved Ch Par Ge ke bi (l EaTo ag rem club Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain are keen on the big Ivorian (left) but Etihad chiefs are confident Toure will agree to remain at the club.
SHE hus Hol Cru pa p s ho h l en e o th th tea eato THE KLINGON HER acting has been panned but Kelly Brook, 32, does a good Star Trek villain clinging to ex-rugby player Thom Evans, 27.
OIOm like, OKenzie, we need to eatO and heOs like, ONo!
Diane went up in flames when heat from heraewetup aeswe eato e cooker ignited the petrol's vapour at her home in Acomb, York.
CLOWNING ABOUT: Croft Junior School dinner ladies Julie Ward, Hilary Robinson, Dawn Eato and Jeanette Sutton clown about.
But it was only when she was alone with Finnley that she transformed her hobby into a business, which she has called Eatos, after her maiden name.