EATQ-REarly Adolescent Temperament Questionnaire-Revised
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A confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) was conducted using version 18.0 of the AMOS program to investigate whether the factors indentified by Ellis and Rothbart (2001) were a good fit for the Spanish EATQ-R data.
Table 2 shows the descriptive statistics for the scales of the EATQ-R and the internal consistency indices considering the original structure.
Table 4 shows the means (and SD) for each of the first-order scales of the EATQ-R by age and gender.
Although it was necessary to eliminate 40 items, a significant number of items have been identified which allow us to have a new version of the EATQ-R adjusted to the Catalan-speaking Spanish population.
The correlations obtained between the dimensions of the EATQ-R and the psychopathological dimensions of the YI-4 confirm results from previous studies in which a relationship was detected between negative emotionality (emotionality/neuroticism), effortful control and psychopathology (Muris & Meesters, 2009).