EATREnergetically Autonomous Tactical Robot (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)
EATRExhaust Air Transfer Ratio (ventilation)
EATREffective Average Tax Rate
EATREdgewood Arsenal Technical Report
EATREnvironment Assessment Technical Report of DEIA
EATREn-Route Air Traffic Regulation
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B-Tax can be used to compute this EATR measure, and we summarize them under 2017 Law and the TCJA in Table 4.
To understand the impact 5% and 10% EATR have on IAQ the dilution time of a built-up substance in an office and the steady-state concentration of transfer substances in a full classroom are calculated and compared to cases with zero EATR.
The introduction of the STAT variable instead of EATR in our equation seems to provide a better model for explaining FDI, according to adjusted [R.sup.2] and the Akaike information criterion.
Measurements of the effective tax rates on domestic investment include: the cost of capital, the effective marginal tax rate (EMTR), as well as the effective average tax rate (EATR).
Studies that test the effect of globalization on the level of STR or EATR (see Clausing 2007; Slemrod 2004; Swank and Steinmo 2002 on STR, and Dreher 2006a; Garretsen and Peeters 2007; Krogstrup 2005; Loretz 2008 on EATR) generally find a negative effect.
(94.) Rather than measuring the current tax liability in proportion to current income (as in the case of simple ETR measurement), EATR measures "the impact of current (and expected future) tax regimes on the net present value of a new investment project." Michael P.
Robotic Technology has teamed with Elbit Systems and Boeing to move the project forward towards the possible commercialisation of the Eatr concept.
A striking example of a robot in need of careful programming is a driverless vehicle developed by the Pentagon, called the EATR.
--Cyclone Power Technologies CEO Harry Schoell, in a press release designed to calm fears about the company's new biomass-fueled battlefield 'bot, the Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot, or EATR, July 17
Robert Finkelstein, of Robotic Technology Inc (RTI), claimed that the "Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot," known as EATR for short, was not a "flesh-eating robot" and that there were no reasons to fear the putative beast.
At any operating condition, this performance is characterized by the determination of the dimensional [delta][p.sub.s] and [delta][p.sub.e] for pressure drop in the supply and exhaust air streams and six dimensionless factors: [[epsilon].sub.s], [[epsilon].sub.l], [[epsilon].sub.t], EATR, OACF, and RER for the sensible, latent or moisture, and total energy effectiveness, exhaust air transfer ratio, outdoor air correction factor, and recovery efficiency ratio.