EATTEntente Athlétique Tain Tournon (French sports club)
EATTEqual Access to Technology Training (computer literacy project)
EATTEnvironment Art Technology Travel (magazine)
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2016) Position Indicator Att-BLSTM ([omicron]) Word embedding, 83.5 position feature Bi-GRU + InConcat Word embedding, 83.9 position feature Bi-GRU + OutConcat Word embedding, 84.6 position feature Bi-GRU + EAtt + Word embedding, 83.5 Max-pooling position feature Bi-GRU + EAtt + Sum Word embedding, 84.7 position feature
We predicted a weak negative correlation between I-E Intrinsic scores and scores on the same Analytic Thinking Task that they used (hypothesis 1), and a stronger negative correlation between I-E Intrinsic scores and an expanded version (EATT) of that task (hypothesis 2).
We hypothesized a weak negative correlation between CAS scores and scores on the ATT (hypothesis 3) and the EATT (hypothesis 4).
Noting that Gervais and Norenzayan obtained a correlation coefficient of only -.22 between scores on the Analytic Thinking Task and their measure of intrinsic religiosity, we reasoned that we might increase the predictive power by adding additional items and calling this the Expanded Analytic Thinking Task (EATT).
Markovits and Nantel found that belief-based items (8-11 on the EATT) were significantly more difficult to solve than neutral items (4-7 on the EATT).
In the correlation analysis between EATT and BMI, HOMA-IR, hs-CRP, TAS, TOS, OSI, paraoxonase-1, and arylesterase, EATT was positively correlated with BMI, HOMA-IR, hs-CRP, TAS, and TOS with statistical significance (r = 0.575, r = 0.567, r = 0.666, r = 0.308, and r = 0.339, resp.; P < 0.001 for all) (Table 2).
In the single-variable linear regression analysis with EATT as the dependent variable and other parameters as independent variables, a significant correlation was found between EATT and BMI, HOMA-IR, hs-CRP, TAS, paraoxonase-1, and arylesterase (P < 0.01 for all) (Table 3).
In the receiver operating characteristics (ROC) curve for EATT, EATT prediction values > 4.7 mm were associated with the diagnosis of MeS with a sensitivity of 76.1%, a specificity of 88.8%, a positive predictive value of 87.5%, and a negative predictive value of 78.2% (area under the curve: 0.82; 95% confidence interval: 0.76-0.89; P < 0.001) Figure 4).
The positive correlation of EATT and HOMAIR with BMI in MeS patients, which was found in the present study, supports the hypothesis that epicardial adipose tissue is an important component of the visceral adipose tissue.
Eshetu says he expects the eATTS system to increase global exports of high-quality Ethiopian coffee and spur the market for speciality Ethiopian coffee products.