EAVGEast Asian Vision Group (Japan)
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(38) The valorization of economic cooperation and the belief that it would lead to a more holistic regionalism has been elaborated--and in fairly lofty terms--in the EAVG report in 2001, which calls for East Asia to move from being a "region of nations to a bona fide regional community", with trade, finance and investment serving as the "catalyst" for this process.
It was with the report of the EAVG that "community" entered the diplomatic discourse.
(27) East Asia Vision Group (EAVG) Report, Towards an East Asian Community, 2001 <http://www.aseansec.org/4918.htm>, pp.
More than just broadening the scope of security, the EAVG report and the subsequent report of the East Asia Study Group unconsciously adopt a security framework that begins to move into the realm of human security without identifying it as such.
The EAVG Report proposed 56 recommendations (22 of which they identified as being key) in six fields: economic, financial, political/security, environmental/energy, social/cultural/educational, and institutional co-operation.
The EASG Final Report, on the other hand, took from the EAVG recommendations 26 points which were organised into short-term measures and medium- to long-term measures.
At the same time, it should be evident that the significance of both the EAVG and EASG lists is the extent to which they require co-operative mechanisms to be addressed.
Both the EAVG and EASG Reports begin to hint at these issues.
The EAVG and EASG Reports emphasised the need to address health concerns, whether primary or major health issues such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria.
(16.) Actually, the EAVG has put forward various proposals for regional integration, including East Asian Community, East Asian FTA, and East Asian Monetary Fund.