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EAWEmpire at War (Star Wars video game)
EAWExercise and Wellness
EAWEnvironmental Assessment Worksheet (Minnesota)
EAWEuropean Arrest Warrant (also seen as EUAW)
EAWEuropean Air War (flight simulation)
EAWEnvironment Agency Wales (UK)
EAWExpeditionary Air Wing
EAWEmployment At Will
EAWEastern Acoustic Works, Inc.
EAWEast Anglian Writers (UK)
EAWEuropean Association of Will Writers
EAWEnvironmentally A-Ware
EAWEconomic Analysis Worksheet (California)
EAWElectronic and Acoustic Warfare
EAWElectrically Aimable Warhead
EAWEtch Rate Across the Wafer
EAWEnergy Adaptive Window (algorithms)
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This is because, if the subject of an EAW is jailed over another issue, it is standard procedure for them to see out their sentence before extradition.
Northumbria Police have also benefited from the EAW.
Because of the terms and conditions of the EAW and the limited scope of Cleveland Police's jurisdiction, the force has said that it is very unlikely that British officers would travel to Romania to interview Florea.
The EAW regime guarantees efficient cooperation between EU Member States while respecting the rights of the wanted persons.
Mrs May insisted the Government regarded the vote as the Commons verdict on the whole package, despite Speaker John Bercow ruling the EAW was not the subject of the day's debate or vote.
Many EAW members are being required by the state to take a course to improve teaching to English language learners.
Therefore, one of this report's objectives is to introduce a clause on human rights as well as criteria of proportionality to avoid the EAW being used for petty crimes.
Next year, after opting out of more than a hundred European justice provisions, Home Secretary Theresa May intends to opt back in to a small number of them, including the EAW.
The Coalition is split over the issue, with Liberal Democrats opposing leaving the system but most Tories wanting to pull out unless the EAW is reformed.
He said the EAW report showed the problem was caused by the blocked culverts.
AN EAW spokesman said: "Whilst the majority of rivers should not reach levels of concern, smaller rivers that respond quickly to rainfall could rise rapidly and cause flooding.
Two other charges cited in the EAW accuse Robb and his compatriots of conspiracy to commit a felony and conspiracy to commit a misdemeanour.