EAWSEnlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist
EAWSErgonomic Assessment Worksheet
EAWSEnlisted Air Warfare Specialist (US Navy)
EAWSEcosystem Analysis at the Watershed Scale
EAWSEast Africa Wildlife Society
EAWSEuropean Assembly Worksheet (ergonomics)
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The real value of the EAWS pilot program goes beyond a mere qualification," said Cmdr.
He said EAWS would be holding a meeting with animal welfare group representatives and volunteers in the next few days to see how best they could work together.
West added he anticipates receiving recommendations regarding improving the EAWS and ESWS processes by the end of the summer.
On 16 April HSM-71 received its first Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist (EAWS) Pennant for having every enlisted squadron member, E-5 and above, earn the EAWS qualification.
According to Randle, Tarawa Sailors averaged about two months of preparation and study before going in front of the ESWS and EAWS review boards.
I got my third class, a Battle "E," my EAWS (enlisted air warfare specialist), and with everything that is going on now, I've gotten more than I ever wanted.
He is also the coordinator for the command EAWS Program.