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EBAFÉcole Biblique et Archéologique Française de Jérusalem (French: French Biblical and Archaeological School of Jerusalem; Jerusalem, Israel)
EBAFElectronic Business Application Framework
EBAFEndometrial Bleeding-Associated Factor
EBAFElastic Back Female (Infab Corporation)
EBAFEnerjik's Buyer Application Form (Enerjik International; Turkey)
EBAFElectric Boat Association of Florida
EBAFExtended Bellcore AMA Format
EBAFEnergy Balanced and Filled (US NASA)
EBAFEnhanced Bellcore AMA Format (Nortel)
EBAFElectronic Bellcore Administrative Format
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Time series shows the CERES EBAF Ed4.0 IDeg data (Mar 2000-Sep 2017) in red and the CERES FLASHFlux version 3C data (Oct-Dec 2017) in blue; see text for merging procedure
We investigated the expression of genes related to the specification and appearance of early stages of primordial germ cells in humans (KIT, UTF1, LIN28, and DDX4) and genes related to gonadal somatic cells (CYP11, SOX9, SCF, StAR, and SF1) as well as genes expressed in undifferentiated hES cells and related to the NODAL pathway (EBAF, LEFTB, NODAL, and TDGF1), which plays a major role in early cell fate, including germ-cell specification and endoderm specification as well as maintenance of the pluripotent status of stem cells [26].
--, and Coauthors, 2018: Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System (CERES) Energy Balanced and Filled (EBAF) Top-of-Atmosphere (TOA) Edition-4.0 Data Product.
(11.) Silva AAM, Batista RFL, Simoes VMF, Thomaz EBAF, Ribeiro CCC, Lamy-Filho F, Lamy ZC, Alves MTSSB, Loureiro FHF, Cardoso VC, Bettiol H, Barbieri MA.
The observations correspond to the Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System (CERES)-Energy Balanced and Filled (EBAF) L3b product for Loeb et al.
2.38) were constructed from the CERES EBAF (Energy Balanced And Filled) Ed2.8 product (Loeb et al.
The CERES Energy Balanced and Filled (EBAF) surface SW and LW products (http://ceres.larc.nasa.gov; Kato et al.