EBAOEffects-Based Approach to Operations
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In his complaint filed with the assistance of the National Union of People's Lawyers, Ebao said that Pasco lied under oath.
5 (6 June 2006), available at https://clovis.hq.nato.int/ RC/References/,DanaInfo=clovis.hq.nato.int+MCM_0052_2006.pdf (login and password required) (NATO's Military Committee defines EBAO as follows: "the Effects Based Approach to Operations is the coherent and comprehensive application of the various instruments of the Alliance, combined with the practical cooperation along with involved non-NATO actors, to create effects necessary to achieve planned objectives and ultimately to the NATO end state.").
It omits the linkage between the EBAO methodology presented in the first part and the missions described in the latter portion.
This article explains my perspective and provides guidance on issues related to USJFCOM use of EBO, EBAO, operational net assessment (ONA), and system-of-systems analysis (SoSA) in future force development, training, and experimentation.
Even considering that there is no definitive treatise on what constitutes EBO/ EBAO, a nonpartisan analysis of the center mass of EBO/EBAO thinking would show that the bulk of the construct was not incorporated into joint doctrine.
Today, our EBAO and joint UAS operations demand a transformed mind-set and new organizational construct.
The new IDF doctrine was designed to cover strategy, force transformation, and EBAO, as well as introduce a new military language and new structure for staff work methodology, battlefield analysis, and the structure and contents of orders.
(2) An effects-based approach to operations (EBAO) offers a "better way of expressing what Ebo really is," and Air force doctrine has recently adopted the term EBAO to add clarity to these concepts.
DAVAO CITY -- Farmer Ebao Sulang was inside the compound of the United Methodist Church when a scuffle broke out between antiriot police and drought-stricken farmers in Kidapawan City on April 1.
Today, we have "effects" in joint doctrine, effects-based thinking and effects-based operations in Service doctrine, and an effects-based approach initiative to operations (EBAO) in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).
One of the bugbears that airpower's critics trot out to scare the faithful is the concept of the effects-based approach to operations (EBAO), which they also blame for the failure of the campaign.