EBASCOElectric Bond and Share Company
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One of the human health risk assessments, which was conducted to account for potential carcinogenicity for on-site trespassers as well as off-site neighbors (both adults and children), generated risk values that "fell within acceptable ranges." Similarly, an ecological risk assessment found "no significant environmental hazard" (EBASCO Services, Inc., 1995).
Final report of OCS Study MMS 91-0093 by Ebasco Environmental, Bellevue, Washington, and Ecological Consulting, Inc., Portland, Oregon, for the Minerals Management Service (MMS), 445 p.
He prepared outstanding designs for the HVAC systems of many nuclear and fossil fuel plants while working for leading engineering companies, like Bechtel and Ebasco. Shah has made major contributions in the field of two-phase heat transfer, including the development of general predictive techniques for heat transfer during boiling and condensation, critical heat flux in tubes and annuli, heat transfer in fluidized beds, and heat transfer to two-component gas-liquid mixtures.
In the early 80s, while a vice president of Ebasco, Robinson also served for a time as a member of Fusion Power Associates Board of Directors.
Before working for Buckeye, he served as Senior Corrosion Technologist for Ebasco Services.
Engineering services for the design, construction, operation, maintenance, inspection, and evaluation of public works projects of all kinds are available from Blasland, Bouck & Lee; Bonadiman McCain Inc.; Burgess & Niple, Ltd.; Camp Dresser & McKee Inc.; Clinton Bogert Assocs.; Ebasco; Environmental Science & Engineering, Inc.; HNTB Corp.; Harza Engineering Co.; Hazen and Sawyer; Malcolm Pirnie Inc.; Metcalf & Eddy; RUST Environment & Infrastructure; STV Group; Sverdrup Civil, Inc.; Woolpert.
The names of the companies are Powerbridge, Beachtel, Ebasco Overseas Corporation, AES Pakistan, Consol Inc., CS First Boston, Westinghouse, Houston Industries Energy Inc.
The company was also awarded $1.7 million plus expenses of $147,465 for a construction claim arbitration with EBASCO. Although the claim is on appeal, management has recorded the award in revenue for 1992, representing 48 percent of Ahtna Corp.'s total revenue.
Geologists with Ebasco Services in Greensboro, N.C., have now gone to other eastern regions looking for the same buried evidence of prehistoric shaking.
In the United States, General Electric founded Electric Bond and Share Company (EBASCO) to finance, design, and construct utilities.