EBASSEffects Based Assessment Support System
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Development and validation of standard classroom observation systems for school practitioners: Ecobehavioral Assessment Systems Software (EBASS).
Observers attended a 2-hour EBASS training class at the university where the project was based.
However, our EBASS data are only part of the picture.
Computer technology has played an important role in the development of observational instruments such as CISSAR and EBASS (Rep, Harman, Felce, Van Acker, & Karsh, 1989; Rieth, Haus, & Bahr, 1989; Saudargas & Bunn, 1989; Semmel, 1976).
EBASS is a practitioner-oriented software instrument package (Greenwood, Carta, Kamps, & Delquadri, 1992) that can be used to observe, assess, and modify classroom instruction.
EBASS is designed to run on any portable computer with at least one floppy drive.
The EBASS tutorial module provides the means of learning event definitions on the computer, with immediate correction and feedback on performance.
EBASS was developed during a 3-year project that used a standard software-development design, supplemented by several key studies designed to guide its development and validation.
We addressed these concerns in the development of EBASS. For example, we addressed the issues of instrument quality by including instruments with histories of use in special education research (i.e., ESCAPE, CISSAR, and MS-CISSAR) and with established technical information.
However, because we intended to provide standardized instruments in EBASS, we decided to provide downsizing rather than authoring.
EBASS was validated in several stages, and its development is ongoing.
Similarly, we tested the EBASS tutorials for each of the three instruments, for accuracy, function, and satisfaction.