EBBITEating Behaviors and Body Image Test
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"TO cook by your fire and to sleep under your roof for the night," I had announced on entering old Ebbits's cabin; and he had looked at me blear-eyed and vacuous, while Zilla had favored me with a sour face and a contemptuous grunt.
Old Ebbits now and again pulled his tangled wits together, and hints and sparkles of intelligence came and went in his eyes.
They rocked back and forth in a slow and hopeless way, and regularly, once every five minutes, Ebbits emitted a low groan.
When my moose-meat spluttered rowdily in the frying-pan, I noticed old Ebbits's nostrils twitch and distend as he caught the food- scent.
Ebbits drooled a little and stopped his rocking very frequently to lean forward and thrust his tremulous nose nearer to the source of gustatory excitement.
Then a dampness came into Ebbits's eyes, and I knew that the sorrow of self-pity was his.
Old Ebbits shook his head, saying: "Nay, there has been no great sickness.
"Nay," Ebbits said gravely, with a stricter sense of justice.
"Nay," old Ebbits interposed in kindliness, "the white man's is not a lying people.
"There is no understanding the white man," Ebbits went on doggedly.
Ebbits seemed sinking back into his senility with the tale untold, and I demanded:
Old Ebbits looked at me in childlike wonder, while Zilla sneered openly at the absurdity of my question.