EBCOEuropean Bureau for Conscientious Objection
EBCOEmpty Base Class Optimization (computing)
EBCOEarl & Brown Company, Inc. (Beaverton, OR)
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These key team members come from some of the most exciting companies in Austin, and are joining Ebco at a time of tremendous growth with new services and products to continue their mission of inspiring and energizing innovation teams, marketers and leaders of the biggest brands around the globe.
EBCO General Contractors' attorney says his client was happy to be paid and to be able to pay subcontractors it hired for work on the project.
EBCO President Bob Travis said, "we need twice as much space already."
In this section, we describe the proposed scheme "energy-efficiency continuous object tracking protocol (EBCO)".
EBCO Systems Smiths Detection has purchased its Brazilian distributor from EBCO Systems to take direct control over sales of its security products in Brazil.
The collection of 'e-bikes' are designed by Ebco, who are based at Pegasus Court in Warwick and will launch at the Cycle Show in London on Thursday, October 7.
The full-service land use design, architecture, and engineering firm, RiverStone Design Group (RSDG), is enlisted by Presidio Capital and The Ensign-Bickford Company (EBCo) to lead the design efforts of the project.
The engine and generator are mounted on Ebco elastomeric isolators, which reduce structure-borne noise.
(EBCo), to find any significant changes to state-of-the-art pyrotechnic initiation systems (pyrotechnic initiation refers to both electric and non-electric delays), one has to look back 10 years.
To avoid paying the stiff taxes and other restrictions, EBCO International, a subsidiary of the $316 million Johnson Publishing, has teamed with five South African partners.