EBCPEvidence-Based Clinical Practice
EBCPEuropean Board of Cardiovascular Perfusion (est. 1991)
EBCPEmpresa Brasileira de Ceras e Polimeros (Portuguese: Brazilian Wax and Polymers; Brazil)
EBCPEcosystem-Based Conservation Planning (Canada)
EBCPEquipav Bagasse Cogeneration Project (Brazil)
EBCPEnterprise Based Conservation Program (Australia)
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In total, how many hours do you spend teaching EBCP in a year?
Identify any campus support services you have accessed to help your course development in the teaching of EBCP.
grand rounds, journal club) Library research assignments involving self-evaluation of research process and skills Questions on final examinations (multiple choice/ short answer/essay) Quizzes EBCP worksheets Critical appraisal exercises Part of clinical examinations (e.
Please indicate your degree of agreement or disagreement with the following: Strongly Agree Somewhat Somewhat agree agree disagree EBCP is formally integrated into the mission statements, goals, and objectives of the program.
Part G: For those who answered no to the question #10 (whether or not they taught any part of the EBCP process)
If you do not teach any part of the EBCP process, do you teach students another approach to finding and/or using research to support their clinical decision making?
check all that apply] It was part of my professional training program [] I have taken courses on EBCP as part of a [] postgraduate degree I have taken a course or courses in the area [] outside of a degree program for personal/ professional development Self-directed learning [] None [] Other [] If other, please describe .
Health sciences librarians have a unique and critical role in the EBCP process.