EBDSEeye Binary Diffing Suite (open software)
EBDSEquipment Bio-Decontamination Service (Bioquell)
EBDSEarly Bird Departure Service (Cruise America)
EBDSElectron Beam Dry Scrubbing (pollutant removal)
EBDSEvidence Based Decision Support
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PBDS QBDS EBDS HBDS * APTEEN 9% * TRDD * LEACH * CAEE 9% * DD 43% * SAFE * SMPDC * DEEP] * DCAST * CODE * TTDD * EGDD * PDDD * TEEN 39% * PEGASIS * SEER * EAP * SPEED * MMSPEED * SAR * HMRP Note: Table made from pie chart.
EBDS s role is to deliver efficiencies in technology, business processes and resources by providing impartial access to a broad range of knowledge and expertise from across the industrial sector, said EBDS Delivery Director, Peter Martin, adding As well as being able to optimise new and existing infrastructure, we ll be able to help reduce the risks associated with critical procurement decisions.
EBDS is led for and on behalf of the Home Office by Selex ES, and is run as a partnership between industry, academia, and SMEs.