EBER ISHEBV (Epstein-Bar Virus)-Encoded RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) In Situ Hybridization (diagnostic tool)
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The CD20+ cells (red) are negative for EBV (dark blue) (immunostaining for SMA, followed by EBV-encoded small RNA [EBER] in situ hybridization [ISH] and nuclear fast red counterstaining, original magnification X400 [A]; EBER ISH, followed by immunostaining for CD20 and hematoxylin counterstaining, original magnification X200 [B]).
Immunohistochemically, the tumor cells of all 10 cases expressed granzyme B (Figure 1, C), and all were positive for EBER ISH (Figure 1, D).
In this study, we performed EBER ISH in all cases of T-cell and NK/T-cell lymphomas.