EBF3Electron Beam Freeform Fabrication
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The protein Ebf3, involved in regulating gene expression, is highly abundant in CAR cells of mice.
"In the absence of Ebf3, the stem cell population dropped fairly sharply, consistent with CAR cells playing a major role HSC regulation," said Seike.
CAR cells apparently need Ebf3 to create the physical and molecular environment that ultimately becomes the HSC niche.
The central role of Ebf3 in correctly balancing bone formation in the niche has significant clinical implications, and Ebf3 may eventually become a target of therapeutic interventions.
The findings suggest that drugs that modulate the activity of Ebf3 could have substantial clinical value.
On the one hand, Ebf3 inhibitors may be able to increase bone mass in diseases like osteoporosis.
On the other, Ebf3 activators may allow for the fine-tuning of HSC niches, which would improve the effectiveness of regenerative therapies that allow patients to use their own stem cells.