EBFDElectronic Brake Force Distribution
EBFDEast Brunswick Fire District (East Brunswick, NJ)
EBFDEmperor: Battle for Dune (game)
EBFDElephant Butte Field Division (US DOI)
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BFD was computed only for children aged over 24 months old, but EBFD was computed for all cases.
The results for EBFD and other related factors are presented in Table 1.
With respect to family size; the mean EBFD in family size of <5 was significantly higher than in a family size of >5, (p = 0.
However, the ANOVA test did not reveal any statistically significant difference between EBFD and birth order, father's occupation, maternal BMI, maternal age or the children's nutritional status.
This report focuses on three main aspects of breastfeeding; BFD, EBFD and other related factors.
13) In comparison to the aforementioned studies, EBFD and BFD status in Northern Iran was better than other parts of Iran.
Compared to other studies, EBFD of at least six initial months of life in children of Northern Iran was appropriate.
The father's occupation and economic status did not have any correlation with either EBFD or BFD in our study.
In the present study, the EBFD was shorter in the Turkman ethnic group compared to the other ethnic groups, but BFD was generally longer in the Turkman group compared to the other groups.
Safety and security have been covered in abundance with driver, passenger, front, side and rear curtain airbags, plus ABS with EBFD and Emergency Brake Assist.
Safety is comprehensive with a four-star Euro NCAP crash rating courtesy of six airbags, including curtain bags, ABS, EBFD and brake assist.
Six airbags are standard on all models, as is ABS (Automatic Braking System) and EBFD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution).