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EBGElectromagnetic Band Gap
EBGErnst-Barlach-Gymnasium (German high school name; several cities)
EBGElectric Bass Guitar (instrument)
EBGEuropean Board of Gastroenterology
EBGEpic Beard Guy (Internet meme)
EBGEuroBonus Gold
EBGElectron Beam Gun
EBGEngineering Business Group (Russia)
EBG‘Ene’io Botanical Garden (Tonga)
EBGEvil Black Gun (assault rifle)
EBGEasy Being Green (various locations)
EBGEpstein Becker & Green (law firm; New York, NY)
EBGE-Business Group
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EBG enhances access to key technologies with a focus on molecular imaging and medicine.
Characterization of EBG structures is performed in full wave numerical simulation for the entire structure based on Finite Element Method [3] and equivalent circuit modeling based on lumped elements and transmission lines [4].
A study cited by EBG notes that the use of telehealth in rural and underserved areas reduced psychiatric admissions by 24% and patients' days of hospitalization by an average of 26%.
In April 2014, EBG announced a merger with Plum Benefits, which helped double the roster of clients, and deliver an expanded portfolio of nationwide travel and entertainment products, an enhanced user experience and new ticketing technology for the Plum Benefits clients and their employees.
EBG 24/7 expects it's website to bring users a friendly and cost effective outlet for publishing E-Books online.
A novel vertical cascaded planar EBG structure is proposed in this paper.
In order to control both the magnitude and phase of the reflection coefficient for PRS superstrate, N x N square ring apertures (FSS structure) and square patches (uni-planar EBG structure) are patterned onto the top and bottom surfaces of superstrate respectively.
In this paper, a circular patch is designed with multiple slots to achieve ultra wideband characteristics and then three types of EBG structures namely mushroom type, Cross-Hair type and Swastika type are employed in the plane of the patch.
The periodic structure such as an EBG structure can be used to prevent propagation of electromagnetic waves in bandgap (stop band) region.
Other goals came from Gary Wilkinson, Mark Warnes and Aaron Rumble But Billingham Telstar were knocked out 3-2 at Kirk Merrington Half Moon and Oddfellows suffered a heavy 9-2 defeat at home to Peterlee EBG.
EBG has augmented HLB's customer base of mostly middle market business enterprises and more affluent retail customers with its larger mass retail and SME customer base.