EBHCEvidence-Based Health Care
EBHCEast Bay Hard Core
EBHCEquated Busy Hour Calls
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In 1992, EBHC was introduced to the medical students at Albany Medical College in Albany, New York, through a course titled Comprehensive Care Case Study.
The CME program curriculum for health care professionals includes acquiring EBHC knowledge and skills.
12 To develop efficient EBHC learning opportunities for future health care professionals, it is essential to undertake a needs assessment and to evaluate their level of knowledge and attitudes.
During the 2010-2011 academic year, we distributed a validated web-based questionnaire on EBHC to all 198 academic staff in the College of Applied Medical Sciences (CAMS), King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
These phrases refer to particular modes of immanence, which scramble the purported communicational transparency of EBHC models.
The following section offers a general description of EBHC intentions, together with a critical assessment of its assumptions about the dissemination of knowledge and changing practice.
The organization of knowledge in EBHC is heavily prescribed by scientific method, whose facts and artefacts are part of a powerful rationalistic epistemology.
While the underlying case for EBHC is not new, having been forcefully argued for over a quarter of a century (Cochrane 1972; Maynard and Chalmers 1997), it is over the past decade in particular that EBHC, as a specific movement, has pursued the rigorous implementation of scientific research evidence into clinical practice (Sackett et al.
The most frequently cited obstacles to supporting the practice of EBHC were lack of time (42.
Slightly over 67% (n=139/206) of respondents indicated that they had been asked for a definition of or descriptive article about EBHC.
6%% (n=55/206) of respondents noted frequently (several times/month) or regularly (once/ week) reading EBHC articles, while 59.
In alignment with other studies, time was cited in the present survey as a major barrier to hospital librarians' engagement with EBHC practice.