EBHSEast Bridgewater High School (Massachusetts)
EBHSEast Brunswick High School (New Jersey)
EBHSEconomic and Business Historical Society (est. 1975)
EBHSEast Boston High School
EBHSEast Bakersfield High School (Bakersfield, California)
EBHSEast Buchanan High School (Winthrop, Iowa)
EBHSEast Bergholt High School (UK)
EBHSEpping Boys High School (Sydney, Australia)
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This situation fuels a debate on the notion and theoretical basis that the MEP has used to justify the implementation of the aforementioned syllabus in EBHS.
The other three sections focused on methodology; namely, the syllabus and evaluation that teachers used in their English literature classes in EBHS.
The population selected for this research study includes 36 EFL teachers (25 women and 11 men) who worked as literature teachers in the EBHS of the Western Educational Region of Costa Rica (which are Palmares, San Ramon, Naranjo and Sarchi).
This represents an issue for EFL teachers, for Costa Rican universities and for the whole educational process proposed for EBHS because EFL teachers are taking on a professional challenge they have not been academically trained for.
Only 14% of teachers thought that the courses they had taken at university were not useful to carry out their job in EBHS. The majority, 57%, were partially satisfied with the literary orientation they received, as courses had been relatively useful for teaching English literature.
Figure 5 illustrates the incidence of further training teachers have received in order to teach literature in EBHS.
Along with the fact that the MEP is placing EFL teachers in a difficult professional dilemma, it is not offering significant academic training to implement its educational proposal in EBHS.
In regard to teachers' academic training, the analyzed programs present various deficiencies that affect teachers' capacity to face the English literature teaching process in EBHS. It is important to point out that most teachers have very high levels of education as 72% of them hold at least a "licenciatura" degree (38% are just licenciados plus 32% who are also licenciados but hold the MT-6 certification).