EBHSVEuropean Brown Hare Syndrome Virus
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GenBank accession numbers for complete and partial rabbit caliciviral nucleotide sequences used for phylogenetic analysis are as follows: RHDV strains USA IA00 (AF258618), USA UT01 (EU003582), USA NY01 (EU003581), USA IN05 (EU003579), JX China 97 (DQ205345), China CD (AY523410), China WHNRH (DQ280493), Italy 90 (EU003580), Germany FRG (NC001543), China WX84 (AF402614), Mexico 89 (AF295785), Spain AST89 (Z49271), Ireland 18 (DQ367359), Italy BS89(X87607), EBHSV (NC002615), RCV (X96868), MRCV (GQ166866).
Additionally, at the beginning of ORF-2, RHDV strains have 2 initiation codons, and RCV and EBHSV have only 1.
The phylogenetic analyses presented here indicate that MRCV is a distinct species from RHDV and the other known lagoviruses, RCV and EBHSV.