EBICElectron Beam Induced Current
EBICEuropean Business Information Conference
EBICEnvironmental Background Information Center (State College, PA)
EBICElectron Beam Induced Conductivity
EBICEuropean Banks International Company SA
EBICElectron Bombardment Induced Conductivity
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De Noose has been appointed as EBIC vice-chair, replacing Wim Mijs, who is also chief executive of the European Banking Federation (EBF).
-Utilisation rates are adjusted down from management projections over the next five years by 10% at Sorfert and EBIC, 5% at OCIP and IFCO, and 2% at OCI Nitrogen.
Egypt Hydrocarbon Corp (EHC), Baz's second project and far bigger challenge to the man than EBIC as its launch came through the global financial crisis, went on stream in early 2014 and cost over $455m.
EBIC 2008 does not allocate co-morbidity-specific costs for other health care professionals, health research, or "other" health care expenditures.
The EL images obtained at different reverse-bias values are compared with those obtained by the EBIC and light beam induced current (LBIC) methods to correlate them with extended defects.
Both EBIC and WFNS developed classifications of traumatic brain injury, as well as recommendations for management (Table 6 and 7).
On 1 December 2008, the European Banking Industry Committee (EBIC) adopted a self-regulation initiative based on common principles for bank switches.
Development and psychometric evaluation of the Environment-Behavior Interaction Code (EBIC).
*Basil El Baz, Chairman and Managing Director, EGYPT BASIC INDUSTRIES CORPORATION (EBIC)
The method of electron-beam remelting with an intermediate container (EBIC) is especially efficient [3].
Some see as helpful the fact that a German banker, Karl-Peter Schackmann-Fallis, is presently heading EBIC. Schackmann-Fallis is executive member of the board of the German Association of Savings Banks.
Connecting With the Future will be the theme of the European Business Information Conference (EBIC 2008).