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EBIDECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) Bank for Investment and Development
EBIDElephant Butte Irrigation District
EBIDElectron Beam-Induced Deposition
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Ebid, who led several well-known companies in the industry for the past 15 years, calls Act2020 "the most disruptive online trading platform in more than a decade.
He told the court: "Dr Ebid explained that Presidential instructions had been issued requesting that I purchase the shares…he explained that if I did not buy the [Sainsbury's] shares in Edge SAE, I could not regret what would then happen to me.
EBID is made up of two subgroups - an Economic Improvement District, which includes property owners in the downtown business area, and the Business Improvement District, which includes people who own businesses, but not property, in the same area.
EBID intervenes in both the public and private sector with a particular focus on infrastructure that continues to be the bane of the sub-region.
Mark Wilkinson, from eBid, said: "There is a huge market for nostalgia and I think if they did reform, they would outsell even the Spice Girls.
EBID provides quality service and added-value through its appraisal and follow-up of investment projects and development programmes.
In addition eBid has applied its free listings policy - no buyers means no fee to site users - to each of its auction-based services.
The EBID, meeting on Wednesday at its headquarters in LomiAAA', Togo, approved US$ 10 million for the construction of dormitories as part of the project aimed at extending the "All Nations University College" in Koforidua, Ghana.
com)-- Ashraf Ebid, CEO of Finstek announced today that the Finstek team has completed successfully its consulting project for FXdirekt Bank which helped FXdirekt Bank transform itself from a German focused bank into an international Online Trading bank and enhance the bank's ability to compete in the market place by improving its financial, marketing, sales and compliance performance.
Dave Hazel, of West Bromwich, says: "You actually get emails from Gazza or Mark who run ebid, answering any questions within 24 hours and taking any bad auctions off within hours.
Online auction house eBid has launched a new service that is designed to enable UK wholesalers and retailers to sell their goods by auction from within their own web site.