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EBISElectron Beam Ion Source (accelerator technology)
EBISEmployee Benefits Information System
EBISEnterprise Business Information System (various companies)
EBISEnterprise Business Intelligence Suite
EBISElectron Beam Imaging System
EBISEnterprise BI (Business Intelligence) Server (SAS)
EBISElectronic Buying Information System (SAP application used by Deutsche Bank)
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Delegates attending EBIS can look forward to an agenda tailored to Startup and Alternative Wealth Solutions including topics like; 'Startup Trends and Future & Startup Challenges and Opportunities', 'Alternative wealth solutions through Investment in Real Estate, Bitcoin, Gold, Stock, Bonds & Aviation' and 'Business Structuring in the New Era of Globalization".
From EBIs data, characteristic frequency, [[??].sub.c], was estimated using procedure described in [14].
For households with a modest income, the most cost-effective strategy is to purchase a bundle of wax print from which several dresses are designed; this results in a 'family uniform', or what is referred to by the pidgin expression of one-kind or, more recently, aso ebi (Yoruba for family uniform).
(2003) found that although overall knowledge of individual EBIs was low, training directors placed great importance on the value of training EBIs.
Additional individual differences that should be taken into consideration when designing appropriate behavioral and social strategies and EBIs include age differences, presence of disabilities, varying offense patterns, and different functions of inappropriate behavior.
EBI was performed using Van De Graf accelerator on PPS-CF and PPS-GF composite-bonded joints.
The investigation was carried out on electron beam installation (EBI) of the FIKO electron beam metallurgy plant in the course of production of ingots of alloy VT1-0 with application of an intermediate unit (cold hearth) and copper water-cooled mould 0.655 m diameter and 0.385 m height.
An evidence-based intervention (EBI) was implemented in the context of CBC to enhance the on-task and compliant behavior of a student referred for consultation.
With these crucial skills in ever increasing demand, a new masters degree in e-business and information systems (EBIS) is due to be launched later this year.
It is hoped that most teachers understand their students' strengths and weaknesses, and most school psychologists and other specialists are well versed in EBIs designed to address a variety of problems common to students (Kratochwill & Stoiber, 2002).
(4.) See, for example, Xu Sheng, "Accurate Attacks Will Dominate Future Battlefields," Beijing Jiefangjun Bao (June 22, 1999) in FBIS 0W1307234899; Tang Baodong, "Difficulties in Pursuing Hegemony -- Weakness of the United States in Fighting a Local War as Viewed from the Kosovo War" Shanghai Guoji Zhanwang (July 23, 1999) in EBIS FTS19990713001922; Cheng Bingwen, "Countermeasures and Thoughts for Fighting 'No-Contact Warfare' -- On the Need to Refocus Our Preparations for Military Struggles," Beijing Jiefangjun Bao (October 4, 1999) in FBIS 0W1310110599.