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EBISElectronic Buying Information System (SAP application used by Deutsche Bank)
EBISElectron Beam Ion Source (accelerator technology)
EBISElectron Beam Imaging System
EBISEnterprise BI (Business Intelligence) Server (SAS)
EBISEmployee Benefits Information System
EBISEnterprise Business Information System (various companies)
EBISEnterprise Business Intelligence Suite
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Similarly, information on such personnel matters as pre-employment physical exams and performance evaluations stored in the human resources information system, in which EBIS is contained, may not be accessible.
Once the service has been verified, HR/RET will change the employee's service computation date for retirement, and employees will be able to run their own annuity calculations accurately on EBIS and make retirement decisions accordingly.
With the EBIS e-Retirement module, retiring employees need not search for the correct combination of forms and submit them in triplicate.
The new annuity calculator that is part of EBIS will allow employees to perform "what-if " scenarios concerning their retirement annuity, high3 average salary, TSP annuity, TSP projected account balance, and so on.
Combining Valuation Science's analytic capabilities with Business Analyst's EBIS demographic and business data, and ArcView's geographic display allows business managers to gain additional insight into their information, and then display their findings in an understandable manner.
an independent analyst firm, published a new report on the EBIS market, including an update of the renowned "Magic Quadrants," the diagram that evaluates vendors along two dimensions: vision and execution.
The client uses a technical system of physical protection (hereinafter "TSFO") made and supplied by EBIS spol.