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EBITDEarnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation
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It appears that, prior to 1997, EBITD over sales were more often positive and special items over sales were less often negative, leading more companies to report positive net income.
The average EBITD as a fraction of total assets decreases as leverage increases from 16.3% for the lowest leverage quartile to 12.2% for the highest leverage quartile.
The company reported a 45% drop in upstream EBITD in 2015 to EUR1.8bn, in line with a 46% drop in its average realised oil price last year.
But top management's real hot buttons are Return on Assets (ROA), Return on Investment (ROI), Return on Equity (ROE), Gross Margin on Earnings Before Taxes and Depreciation (EBITD).
In 2012, Adjusted EBITD was reported as USD100.8m, or 11.6% of revenue, down 22.5% when compared to USD130.0m, or 15.0% of revenue, in the corresponding period in the prior year.
FIFO EBITD A improved 16.2% to $441.3 million, or 4% of sales.
UC4a[euro](tm)s most recent EBITD is estimated in the region of USD25m, the FT said.Country: AustriaSector: Computer SoftwareTarget: UC4 Software GmbHBuyer: EQT PartnersVendor: The Carlyle Group LPType: LBOStatus: SpeculationBuyer advisor: Lazard LtdComment: Price speculated at USD270m
We examine the results of three proxies: 1) change in return on assets, 2) change in EBITD (earnings before interest, taxes, and depreciations), and 3) the EBITD indicator variable that is one if EBITD increases and zero otherwise.
Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, LIFO, unusual items and the debt retirement losses (EBITD) grew 12.4% in the year to $1.56 billion, or 5.5% of sales.
According to the article, the operations earmarked for sale manage a combined EUR400bn or so of assets and booked about EUR200m in EBITD in 2010.Country: Germany, Sector: Banking/Financial ServicesTarget: Deutsche Asset ManagementBuyer: Royal Bank of Canada, Other unnamed parties, Wells Fargo & Company, Ameriprise Financial IncVendor: Deutsche Bank AGType: DivestmentStatus: Auction, SpeculationComment: Targeted price said to be about USD2.6bn
FIFO earnings before interest, taxes and depreciation (EBITD) jumped 13.5% during the quarter to $406.9 million, and rose 10.7% to $1.11 billion over the nine months before the aforementioned onetime expenses and accounting item.
Second, we measure operating performance based on operating cash flow, or earnings before interest, taxes, and depreciation (EBITD), as scaled by the book value of assets.