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EBITDEarnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation
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It appears that, prior to 1997, EBITD over sales were more often positive and special items over sales were less often negative, leading more companies to report positive net income.
We examine the results of three proxies: 1) change in return on assets, 2) change in EBITD (earnings before interest, taxes, and depreciations), and 3) the EBITD indicator variable that is one if EBITD increases and zero otherwise.
Also excluded from the 1998 EBITD figure was an $89.
According to the article, the operations earmarked for sale manage a combined EUR400bn or so of assets and booked about EUR200m in EBITD in 2010.
Including those items, year-to-date EBITD declined 3.
Jain and Kini (1994) and McLaughlin, Safieddine, and Vasudevan (1996), among others, have recommended the measure of operating performance we use in this paper, and Barber and Lyon (1996) recommend using EBITD scaled by assets to measure operating performance.