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It was found that the isolate EFLL and EFLR were Aspergillus nidulans and the isolate EFML was Fusarium oxysporum and in isolates EBJS, EBJB, EBMB and EBMR there was no sporulation so they were categorized as mycelia sterlia according to the morphology seen as per manual of soil fungi (Gilman, 1944).
Endophytic Bacterial isolates obtained from recalcitrant plant samples Bacterial Source Form Size Surface Texture Isolate EBLL Litchi leaves Circular Small Shiny Moist EBLR Jackfruit bark Circular Small Slimy Moist EBJB Jackfruit bark Circular Small Shiny Moist pinpointed EBJS Jackfruit stem Circular Small Slimy Moist EBML Mango leaves Circular Small Rough Dry EBMR Mango roots Circular Small Rough Dry pinpointed EBMB Mango bark Circular Small Slimy Moist Bacterial Color Isolate EBLL White EBLR White EBJB Pale yellow EBJS White EBML Off white EBMR Pale yellow EBMB White Table 3.