EBL1European Bat Lyssavirus 1
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A constant dose of a previously titrated, cell culture-adapted EBL1 challenge virus 8918FRA (5) was incubated with threefold dilutions of the sera to be titrated.
Sixteen positive sera and 5 negative sera against EBL1 (genotype 5 of lyssaviruses) were further tested against standard strains of genotypes 1 (CVS), and 6 (EBL2).
These findings lead to the following observations on the circulation and possible bat species involved in the dispersion of EBL1 in southern Europe.
However, we report the first detection of EBL1 RNA by nRT-PCR in several tissues (brain, blood pellet, lung, heart, tongue, and esophagus-larynx-pharynx) of four M.