EBLIPEvidence Based Library and Information Practice (University of Azlberta Learning Services journal)
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Yet, this setback represents only the most recent challenge to making EBLIP a reality in our profession.
What are the specific barriers to making EBLIP a reality?
Moving the EBLIP community's research agenda forward.
In 2012, Eldredge published a revised definition of EBLIP that combined elements from several earlier definitions.
EBLIP provides a sequential, structured process for integrating the best available evidence into making important decisions.
This definition suggests a broadening of the meaning of evidence and increasing recognition of the importance of professional experience and practice setting in EBLIP.
As EBLIP has evolved, librarians have found that there are many differences between medicine and librarianship that make it difficult to apply the original evidence-based practice model.
In response to some of his dissatisfaction with the original model, Booth suggested a revised model of EBLIP in 2009 [24].
These findings suggest that EBLIP is evolving and changing and that we are developing our own unique approach based on our own settings and circumstances.
The evolution of evidence-based library and information practice, part 1: defining EBLIP.