EBLSEdith Bowen Laboratory School (Utah State University)
EBLSEast Brother Light Station (California)
EBLSEndobronchial Lymphoscintigraphy
EBLSEmerging Black Leaders Symposium (Tufts University; Medford, MA)
EBLSEmerging Business Leaders Summit
EBLSElliott Bay Laboratory Services, Inc. (est. 1985; Seattle, WA)
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Additionally, these leaders involve their school community in striving for culturally and linguistically responsive schools that view the cultural and linguistic knowledge that EBLS bring to school as an asset, not as a risk for failure, and create school policies and practices to reflect these pro-bilingual educational beliefs (Cummins, 2000; Garcia, 2009; Santamaria, 2009; Yosso, 2005).
We use counterstorytelling as a qualitative research method via in-depth and semi-structured interviews to further operationalize Liderazgo from the perspectives of the principal and school community that aim to create a culturally and linguistically responsive school for EBLS.
Of the student body, approximately 50% are identified as EBLS (ELL), 12% as students with disabilities, and 96% qualified as low-income.
In the subsequent findings we use counterstorytelling to determine what aspects of CBL provide a culturally and linguistically responsive space for EBLS at Escuela Esperanza.
One important implication of our emerging framework is how a critical bilingual leader acknowledges and critiques inequities and policies that impact EBLS with the recognition that ideological beliefs play a major role in English-only policies and subtractive educational opportunities in schools (Zamudio et al.
Staff members and parents concurred with Directora Martinez's sentiments on dual language as a conduit to achieving systemic equity for EBLS.
I am a former EBLS and I understand the challenges we face in this anti-Latin@ environment, but I also know the strengths of my family when I was a student .
Finally, teachers testified that their linguistic capital, or the intellectual and social skills acquired from experiences speaking in more than one language or style (Yosso, 2005) and their prior experience as an EBLS enhanced their instruction.
807) of EBLS as they construct their identities as US Latin@ youth.
He shared the idea that this movement was important for EBLS so that they "can defend themselves and nobody can just put ideas into their head that shouldn't be there.
2004) y los capuchinos cariblancos de la EBLS en particular (Urbani 2009), forrajean constantemente por insectos, puede explicar la presencia de microsporidios, ya que son frecuentes en estos invertebrados.
Igualmente, a la familia Molina, por su apoyo durante el estudio en la EBLS, especialmente a Renee y Alvaro Molina; y a la familia Mesen-Rubi, en particular a Jonathan Mesen-Rubi por su participacion en el campo.