EBMREvidence Based Medicine Reviews (database)
EBMRElectronic Batch Manufacturing Record
EBMREnergizer Bunnies' Mommy Reports (blog)
EBMREastwood Bio-Medical Research Inc. (Richmond, British Columbia, Canada)
EBMREnergetic Beams for Materials Research (engineering)
EBMREster-Based, Mud-Resistant (cables)
EBMREnergy Balanced Multicast Routing (wireless networks)
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It was found that the isolate EBMR showed growth in pseudomonas isolation agar and the colony produced were pale yellow mucoid which shows that it may belong to genus Pseudomonas (Galli et al, 1992).
In case of bacterial endophytes isolates EBLL, EBML and EBJS out of seven isolates showed cellulase activity and in fungal isolates also four isolates EBML, EBMR, EBLL, EBLR were found to show cellulase activity (Table-4).
Endophytic Bacterial isolates obtained from recalcitrant plant samples Bacterial Source Form Size Surface Texture Isolate EBLL Litchi leaves Circular Small Shiny Moist EBLR Jackfruit bark Circular Small Slimy Moist EBJB Jackfruit bark Circular Small Shiny Moist pinpointed EBJS Jackfruit stem Circular Small Slimy Moist EBML Mango leaves Circular Small Rough Dry EBMR Mango roots Circular Small Rough Dry pinpointed EBMB Mango bark Circular Small Slimy Moist Bacterial Color Isolate EBLL White EBLR White EBJB Pale yellow EBJS White EBML Off white EBMR Pale yellow EBMB White Table 3.
EBMR was launched in 1998 as Ovid's first clinical point-of-care product and allows clinicians to tap into a growing international movement in healthcare known as "evidence-based medicine" that aims to bring the best evidence from medical research to the bedside, clinic, and community.
Along with DARE, EBMR combines two other leading evidence-based medicine sources: the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, produced by the Cochrane Collaboration, and Best Evidence, containing ACP Journal Club and Evidence-Based Medicine from the ACP and BMJ Publishing Group.
Under the EBMR contract, the Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle GRIFFON and Reconnaissance and Combat Armoured Vehicle JAGUAR will replace respectively on the one hand the VAB, and on the other hand, the AMX10RC, the ERC Sagaie and the VAB Hot, produced in the 70s and 80s and used extensively by the French Army in all theaters of operation for thirty years.
The effect on the ground for future joint tactical groups (GTIA) equipped with SCORPION EBMR systems will be greatly increased with regard to the previous generation.
In developing the EBMR product, Ovid reports that the CIP group took advantage of several opportunities to enhance the product's value to clinicians by integrating it with other Ovid resources.