EBMUDEast Bay Municipal Utilities District (est. 1923; California)
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As part of the agreement, EBMUD and the seven East Bay communities will:
You can see many parts of the state in out district," says Andy Katz, who represents Berkeley and parts of Oakland on the EBMUD board.
EBMUD will also take advantage of a backup data center supported by AT&T's IP-enabled Ethernet Private Line Service (EPLS) backbone.
It said by consolidating EBMUD's voice and data services, EBMUD will gain increased bandwidth, improving connectivity and communication and ensuring the company can adopt and manage new technologies and applications.
EBMUD also supplies water and provides wastewater treatment for parts of Alameda and Contra Costa counties on the eastern side of the bay.
EBMUD claimed that the government's involvement derived from combined efforts of the War Production Board (WPB), the War Manpower Commission (WMC), the Office of Price Administration (OPA), the Reconstruction Finance Corp.
Kirk-patrick, EBMUD manager of water distribution planning, an assessment district of this kind had never been done before at EBMUD and no other specific examples were known of.
Despite the end of the drought in 1992, with the snowpack at 125 percent of normal and reservoirs at 94 percent capacity, EBMUD plans to maintain and expand the lessons it learned during drier times.
403 East Coast Wood Barrels 2507 EBMUD Resource Recovery Program 319 EcoPAS 2316 Eichleay 2325 Electrical Equipment Co.
The Justice Department, California Water Boards, Baykeeper, and the Satellite Communities collaborated in settlement negotiations aimed at developing initial measures that would complement the work required by a 2009 EBMUD Stipulated Order.
Even if the runoff next year is one-third greater than this year--75 percent of normal--the district would face a shortage identical to the one it currently projects that would still leave EBMUD customers vulnerable to a second dry year.