EBOMExisting Buildings: Operations and Maintenance (training; Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design)
EBOMEngineering Bill of Materials
EBOMElectronic Bill Of Material
EBOMEvil Brotherhood of Mutants
EBOMEnterprise Business Object Model
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The USGBC has been working to improve and enhance its EBOM program.
Load drawings, specifications EBOM cards and structural changes in pdf format specified directories in the network AW Network (responsible PZL Swidnik SA)
The update makes no major changes to those definitions - they are in wide use, have been adopted in standards such as LEED EBOM, and have gained acceptance in the industry.
The building earned LEED: EBOM Gold certification in May 2014.
LEED EBOM distinguishes companies that conserve energy and water and promote healthier work environments.
Its efforts to attain LEED EBOM certification for carbon neutrality by 2020, were in particular noteworthy.
Pacific Controls, Emirates Energy Star - LEED EBOM project
This is notable because the building's aggressive focus on water conservation was an instrumental part of earning double Platinum for LEED NC in 2007 and LEED EBOM in 2011, notes Jim Gleason, a partner of Treatment Equipment Company, which supplied the bioreactor.
We will continue to pioneer the 'green' movement here in the UAE and believe that the LEED EBOM certification process will be a vital tool to further progress our bid in achieving carbon neutrality by 2020," added Bish.
However, because buildings must recertify every five years under EBOM, there is ample opportunity and significant motivation for buildings to achieve higher certification levels and additional reductions in energy use down the road.