EBOVEbola Virus
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3%), indicating that most laboratory-confirmed case-patients had a reported exposure to EVD case-patients, which is consistent with previous investigations of EBOV transmission (20-22).
Using state-of-the-art approaches for immunogen design, the investigators will use EBOV glycoprotein as a basis for the rational design and production of pan-ebolavirus vaccine candidates to promote broadly protective immune responses that target vulnerable structural sites shared among all ebolaviruses.
The live-attenuated vaccine, VSV-EBOV, uses genetically engineered vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) to carry an EBOV gene that has safely induced protective immunity in macaques.
The fruit bats in the tree are suspected of carrying EBOV and were hunted for their meat in the region.
Gene-based EBOV vaccines are immunogenic in human clinical trials
Extrapolating backwards using these rates indicates that EBOV and Marburg virus diverged from a common viral ancestor approximately 700-850 years ago.
Other cellular targets of EBOV include hepatocytes, adrenal cortical cells, fibroblasts, fibroblastic reticular cells, stromal cells of reproductive organs, and a variety of epithelial cell types.
Positive samples reacted with EBOV, BDBV, SUDV, or TAFV s[GP.
The Manila Bulletin later asked him through an email to react on the situation raised by the EVD, which had prompted the Philippine government to mount preparations for possible EBOV entry to the country.
We investigated the efficacy of disinfectants against EBOV spiked into cell culture medium and whole blood.