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EBPEnhancer-Binding Protein
EBPEvidence Based Practice
EBPEthanol Blended Petrol (India)
EBPEpidural Blood Patch
EBPEducation Business Partnership
EBPEnhanced Branch Prediction
EBPExpansion Bus Peripherals
EBPElectronic Brokerage Platform
EBPEnterprise Business Planning
EBPExtra Bit Picture
EBPEthernet Backplane
EBPeBay Buyer Protection
EBPÉcole de Boulangerie et de Pâtisserie (French: Bakery and Patisserie School)
EBPEffects Based Planning (US DoD)
EBPEfficiency Bandwidth Product
EBPExhaust Back Pressure
EBPEnterprise Buyer Professional
EBPEnglish for Business Purposes (teaching)
EBPEvidence Based Policy
EBPEuropean Business Press
EBPEuropean Business Programme
EBPElectronic Billing and Payment
EBPEast Bay Paratransit (Oakland, CA)
EBPEffective Business Presentations
EBPExtended Base Pointer
EBPError Back Propagation
EBPEuropean Biometrics Portal (EU)
EBPEvidence-Based Pediatrics
EBPElementary Business Process (modeling)
EBPExtrabudgetary Programme
EBPERM-Binding Phosphoprotein
EBPExecutive Benefit Plan
EBPEvidence-Based Purchasing
EBPElectron Blue Pearl (Honda paint color)
EBPEarly Booking Price (promotional discount)
EBPEnglish Bridge Program (SImon Fraser University; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
EBPExtended Billing Plan
EBPEnd Boiling Point
EBPEast Border Peer
EBPEbay Payments (method of payment on eBay)
EBPExterior Border Proxy
EBPElectronic Business Plan
EBPExample Based Procedure
EBPEngelhardt-Bain Process
EBPElectronics Based Plate
EBPEchange de Bonnes Pratiques (French: Exchange of Good Practices; business concept)
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OMCs have to start the ethanol procurement process for the upcoming sugar season 2017-18 for which ethanol pricing under EBP Programme needs to be decided.
Completion of the online EBP learning modules was required prior to participating in the in-person interprofessional activity.
Embedded within this was a belief that the EBP model did not cater for clinician expertise in highly individualistic patient-care scenarios.
OT students are expected to establish treatment plans from the results of their evaluations that integrate EBP, as well as use evidence to inform their intervention choices.
Five research fellows collected field notes in the form of diary entries from their observations of implemented EBP initiatives over a six month period across the organisations.
In short, VA EBP training has a strong emphasis on the development of the therapeutic alliance as a necessary condition for effective treatment and published results demonstrating the strength of those alliances as well as robust symptom reductions among our veteran patients.
The EBP can be purchased by anyone, including those earning more than Dh4,000 with dependents.
According to Harris, Roussel, and Thomas (2013), "CNLs, are well positioned to be the role model on their units for evidence-based practice, thereby influencing the quality and outcomes of care " It is clear that the use of EBP by the CNL is an essential skill.
ANNA leadership agreed to support its Research Committee in the development and implementation of a pre-conference EBP workshop aimed at increasing nephrology nurses' knowledge and skills to engage in EBP.
Literature suggests that dental hygiene faculty attitudes and knowledge can have an impact on the integration of EBP principles into program curricula.
A number of indicators suggest a possible shift toward the adoption of EBP in chiropractic, including the relatively recent creation of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) in chiropractic (8-12), EBP educational programs (13-16), and the adoption of an 'Evidence-Informed Practice statement' by nine out of ten Canadian provincial associations and eight of ten provincial regulatory boards (status pending in three organizations).