EBPREnhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal
EBPREliane Bachenheimer Public Relations (Switzerland)
EBPREmployee Benefit Plan Review (industry newsletter)
EBPRElectoral Bloc Patria Rodina (Moldovan electoral alliance)
EBPRExaggerated Blood Pressure Response
EBPRExcess Biological Phosphate Removal (water and wastewater research)
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different substrates, filling strategies and cycle/phase times on denitrification and EBPR (enhanced biological phosphorus removal) efficiency of an SBR was investigated.
2 sets of EBPR, 1 set of SND and 1 set of Nitrification / Denitrification experiments were performed during the next ten months using the primary treated water.
To augment SCOD value, dextrose of about 20 gm was added to the feed solution, since it has been already reported by previous investigators in this field that for EBPR and denitrification to occur simultaneously, sufficient SCOD must be present in the wastewater.
phosphatis could not be sequenced in isolation, and since other members of the community were clearly important both for their supporting and competitive roles, metagenomics was the ideal solution to shed light on the workings of the EBPR community.
The EBPR example shows the potential for discovery and verification of important metabolic processes in microbial communities.
In addition to illuminating the fine details of biological processes such as EBPR, metagenomic techniques will close the gaps in our understanding of global biodiversity by highlighting the microorganisms that multicellular species, including humans, depend on.