EBRPEast Baton Rouge Parish
EBRPEast Bengal the Real Power Fans (India)
EBRPEnergy-Balanced Routing Protocol (wireless networking)
EBRPelectronic Business Resiliency Plan
EBRPEnterprise Business Resumption Planning
EBRPEfficient Burst Reservation Protocol
EBRPEnterprise Bank Restructuring Program (various locations)
EBRPEarthbound Roleplay (gaming)
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court might take the appellate court's language in EBRP School
court: "In response to EBRP's request, this court explicitly
The language used in EBRP School Board is similar to that used in
To overcome these drawbacks of the protocols mentioned above, this paper proposed an energy-balanced routing protocol for wireless sensor networks named EBRP.
The Operation Process of EBRP. The specific steps of the proposed EBRP are shown as follows:
In this section, we use a simulation to evaluate the performance of the proposed EBRP. We have to assume and determine several parameters, and the simulation parameters are listed in Table 1.
About EB Research Partnership (EBRP): EBRP is the largest 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to funding research aimed at treating and ultimately curing Epidermolysis Bullosa, a group of devastating and life- threatening skin disorders that affect children from birth.
It can be seen from the figure that DERVP has extended the network lifetime compared with ELBR, SPBR, and EBRP. SPBR only considers the hop count of sensors when making routing decisions.
The figure shows that the average residual energy of sensors in DERVP is less than ELBR, SPBR, and EBRP, which means good performance on energy balance of sensors.
In DERVP and EBRP, energy balance is considered when making routing decisions and some sensors select long path to transmit data, so their average hop of data packets is the most.
Before joining eBRP, Khan was regional sales manager at AVG
"This position at eBRP Solutions is a fantastic opportunity