EBRPDEast Bay Regional Park District (California)
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(58.) EBRPD. Healthy Parks Healthy People Bay Area [website].
Back underground, a team of three EBRPD miners is assigned with keeping the Hazel-Atlas and all other mines in the preserve safe for the public.
The dearth of high-quality images for nearly a third of the agency's parks was clearly a problem for the EBRPD: The park brochures needed updating, and individual web pages for each park displayed just one photo, if any.
In the second stage of the plan, the team opened an EBRPD photo pool to Flickr members.
In addition to receiving a photo credit, contributing photographers were recognized with an EBRPD logo lapel pin.
All of these photographs have been licensed to EBRPD for publications, at no cost.
In March 2007, we introduced 14 transplants along the high tide line of EBRPD's Eastshore State Park in Alameda County.
Vallecitos Road is being constructed with both the Vineyard Realignment and Signalization Project 199660 and EBRPD in FY13/14.
construction of the portion between Vallecitos Road and Sycamore Grove Park which will be funded by EBRPD. The segment between Vallecitos Road and Sycamore Grove
State Recreation Area (operated by EBRPD); a distance of about 7 miles.
(EBRPD) and continues into Del Valle State Recreation Area and beyond.
Conservancy (TVC) granted an easement to EBRPD that will complete an