EBRPDEast Bay Regional Park District (California)
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In addition to receiving a photo credit, contributing photographers were recognized with an EBRPD logo lapel pin.
All of these photographs have been licensed to EBRPD for publications, at no cost.
As a tool for engaging park users, Flickr has been very successful, documenting more than 90 percent of the 65 EBRPD parks, and helping to build relationships with more than 500 photographers, at a minimal cost.
In addition to measures set out in the agreement with EBRPD, RCEC had previously agreed to donate $10 million to help build a new library for Hayward.
construction of the portion between Vallecitos Road and Sycamore Grove Park which will be funded by EBRPD.
Conservancy (TVC) granted an easement to EBRPD that will complete an
A cooperative funding agreement was entered into by and between EBRPD and TVC to
EBRPD, in cooperation with TVC are interested in determining the preferred alignment,
As a kid, I could see the marsh was a valuable resource, said Whitney Dotson, EBRPD Board Director.