EBRSEccma Business Reporting Schema
EBRSElectronic Business Registry Services Specification
EBRSEvidence-Based Reviews in Surgery (Canadian Association of General Surgeons and American College of Surgeons)
EBRSEuropean Biological Rhythms Society
EBRSÉglise Baptiste de la Rive Sud (French: Baptist Church of South Shore; Canada)
EBRSEuropean Business Readership Survey
EBRSEast Brunswick Rescue Squad (East Brunswick, NJ)
EBRSEuropean Bat Research Symposium
EBRSEasy Bond Reach System (Farwest Corrosion Control Company)
EBRSElectronic Batch Record System
EBRSEssential Benchmarking & Reward Solutions (UK)
EBRSEating Behavior Rating Scale (eating disorder assessment)
EBRSEnterprise Backup and Restore System
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With the simultaneous release of our MSBOS and rollout of the EBRS we studied the effect of these two interventions on our blood-ordering and transfusion processes.
Hypothesis 2, on the positive relationship between proneness to paranormal attributions and emotion-based reasoning, is supported by the significant correlation between PPA and EBRS scores, r(202) = .