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EBSE-Business Suite (Oracle Corporation)
EBSEuropean Business School
EBSEssential Business Server (software)
EBSEurope by Satellite
EBSEdinburgh Business School (Edinbugh, Scotland, UK)
EBSEmergency Broadcast System
EBSEpidermolysis Bullosa Simplex (skin condition)
EBSElectronic Braking System
EBSEnterprise Business Systems
EBSEarly Bird Special
EBSElastic Block Storage (Amazon Web Services)
EBSEmergency Bunker Surcharge (shipping)
EBSEnvironmental Baseline Survey
EBSExpeditionary Bomb Squadron (US DoD)
EBSEmergency Breathing System
EBSElectronic Business Solutions (Murray, KY)
EBSEuropean Business Studies
EBSE-Business Suite
EBSE-Business Server
EBSEnterprise Backup Solution
EBSEmergency Braking System
EBSEngine Brake System
EBSElectronic Brake System
EBSEnterprise Backup Software (various companies)
EBSEngineered Barrier System
EBSEngine Brake System (motorized vehicles)
EBSElectronic Banking System
EBSEmployee Benefits Survey
EBSElectronic Bid Submission (business proposals)
EBSExcess Burst Size
EBSEmployee Benefit Specialist
EBSEssor Bresse Saône (French soccer club)
EBSEcology Building Society (UK)
EBSEllen Browning Scripps (California)
EBSEmployee Benefit Systems, Inc.
EBSElectronic Business Strategy
EBSEmdeon Business Services (Nashville, TN)
EBSElevated Blood Sugar (health statistic)
EBSEmployee Benefit Solutions, Inc. (Houston, TX)
EBSElectronic Banking Service
EBSElectronic Brainstorming
EBSEnterprise Backup System (Compaq)
EBSElectronic Billing System (software)
EBSExecutive Business Service
EBSEfficient Business Systems (various locations)
EBSEuropean Bamboo Society
EBSEnhanced Braking System (Black & Decker Corporation)
EBSE-Business Strategy
EBSÉpidermolyse Bulleuse Simple (French: Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex)
EBSEffective Behaviour Support
EBSEmergency Breakdown Service
EBSElectronic Billing Solutions (various locations)
EBSEngineered Business Systems, Inc.
EBSEngineering Biological Systems (various organizations)
EBSElectronic Bank Statement(s)
EBSElectronic Business Set
EBSEscaliers Bois Stella (French: Stella Wood Stairs; manufacturer)
EBSElectron Bombarded Silicon
EBSEdison Brothers Stores, Inc.
EBSExternal Blob Store (Microsoft)
EBSEuropean Biotechnology Symposium
EBSEvening Bike Society
EBSEnd Building Node (network topology)
EBSElectronic Bid Solicitation
EBSEmballage Bois Service (French: Wood Packaging Service)
EBSEnvironnement Bâtiments Services (French: Environmental Building Services)
EBSEast Bionic Symphonia (band)
EBSEconotel Business Systems, Inc.
EBSEl-Nasr Boys' School (Alexandria, Egypt)
EBSEnemy Boat Spotted (gaming)
EBSElectronic Bid Set
EBSElectronic Bid Set (USACE)
EBSElectronic Business Service
EBSElectronic Booking System
EBSEquipment Breakdown Structure (project management)
EBSElectron Backscattering
EBSEdible Ballot Society (Canada)
EBSEffects Based Strategy (Australia)
EBSElectronic Battlefield Series (gaming)
EBSErindale Biology Society
EBSEdmund Burke School
EBSExterior Bulk Storage
EBSElnasr Boys School (Shatby, Alexandria, Egypt)
EBSElectron Beam/Bombarded Semiconductor
EBSEmergency Boration System
EBSEducation Brodcasting System (ROK)
EBSEcolab Business Solution (Germany)
EBSEbony Biomedical Services, Inc.
EBSEvergreen Building Solutions, Ltd (Seattle, Washington)
EBSElectronic Broking Service Limited (London, UK broker for interbank spot foreign exchange)
EBSEmployee Benefit Strategies, L.L.C.
EBSEuro Bonus Silver
EBSEmpire Board Supply
EBSErnst Berg Systems (Belgium)
EBSEnvironmental Brake Services Corporation
EBSEquivalent Fixed Barrier Speed
EBSEuropäischen Bildungsforum Schuhe
EBSEuropean Banking Society
EBSEnvironmental Building Solutions, LLC (New York, NY)
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EBS affects more than 400,000 individuals worldwide and is usually linked to heterozygous missense mutations in genes encoding keratins 5 and 14, Dr.
We are happy that Kwese chose EBS to be their metadata service provider and look forward to a long and successful partnership.
CHB Jammel- Esperance ST, EBS Beni Khiar-AS Teboulba, Club Africain-ES Sahel, CS Sakiet Ezzit-EM Mahdia, JS Chihya-FS Menzel Hor,
Those two objectives were reflected in the EBS charter and have remained intact since.
The EBS focuses on the impact of the Soldiers, mission, and occupation on the environment as a way to prevent and/or limit Soldier exposure to hazards, to document existing environmental issues for the purpose of force health protection, to reduce U.
Sage chief executive Guy Berruyer said: "We are pleased to announce the acquisitions of EBS and Cenize which are in line with our strategy of expanding our footprint in Brazil.
India is a prominent market for us and we are delighted to partner EBS to help Indian exporters sell to our global customers in 190 markets across the globe.
Department sources also said the issue of payment of EBS Christmas bonuses was raised in late October/early November.
The seminar included interactive discussions that paved the way to assist interested companies to reach a complete understanding of how upgrading to EBS R12 should help them optimise their business and maximise return on previous investments in Oracle EBS.
Ireland's National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) has said that it has terminated the sale process of state-controlled lender EBS Building Society after the Irish finance minister asked not to pursue a proposal from the Cardinal Capital group, reports Dow Jones.
Private equity firm Cardinal Asset Management is said to have increased the cash volume it intends to invest in state-owned Irish building society EBS to above EUR600m (USD802.
Ireland has taken decisive action to strengthen EBS.