EBSBEast Boston Savings Bank
EBSBEast Bay School for Boys (California)
EBSBEntrée Bornée/Sortie Bornée (French: Bounded Input/Bounded Output; electrical engineering)
EBSBEuropean Business School Brussels (Belgium)
EBSBEntente Barby Saint-Alban Basket (French basketball club)
EBSBEast Berks and South Bucks Branch (UK)
EBSBEast Belgian Swing Band (Belgium)
EBSBEuropean Bakery Supplies Business
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Chairman Niall FitzGerald said: "We are delighted to found in CSM a new corporate parent for EBSB.
According to company officials, EBSB chose BSG Financial's OverdraftHonor program after four years of overdraft management research and consideration of five other providers.
As a major employer and an integral part of its community, EBSB remains dedicated to fostering growth and prosperity in the communities we serve with three branch locations in East Boston as well as branches in Saugus, Winthrop, Revere, Melrose and Peabody.
Earlier this month Unilever completed the sale of EBSB.
Whilst EBSB is no longer of strategic importance to Unilever, we are delighted that we have found in CSM a new corporate parent that will grow the business and for which EBSB is an excellent strategic fit.