EBSEEvidence-Based Supported Employment
EBSEEvidence-Based Software Engineering
EBSEElectrical Brain Stem Evoked
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However, making that claim is admitting there is no evidence for SE in SCI, and consequently using the expression EBSE for SCI is inappropriate.
We were not suggesting that at this point there is sufficient evidence to use the term EBSE for populations other then severe mental illness, including persons with SCI.
The Intervention Matching Framework provides a model to match stage of change with either EBSE or MI, see Figure I.
Within Evidence-Based Supported Employment, professionals provide action oriented employment activities focusing on securing or sustaining employment, specific EBSE strategies are discussed later in the paper.
Individuals in these stages receive EBSE with a goal of obtaining or keeping employment.
For example, a practitioner initially assesses that an individual is in the action stage and EBSE is provided.
If individuals indicate determination, action, or maintenance stage, then practitioners provide EBSE as indicated by the intervention matching framework, Figure 1.
For additional employment interventions, practitioners may access the EBSE toolkit found at: mentalhealth.
Since Bill moved from determination and to action, Connie utilized the EBSE intervention rather than MI.
This case provided an example of matching either MI or EBSE with the stage of change.
Another limitation may include the lack of resources to maintain EBSE and MI fidelity, which are crucial components in operating effective programs.