EBSIEcole de Bibliothéconomie et des Sciences de l'Information (French: School of Biblio-economics and Information Sciences, University of Montreal, Canada)
EBSIEnhanced Backup Solutions Initiative (Quantum)
EBSIEuropean Business Schools International
EBSIElectronic Business School International (Ireland)
EBSIÉlucidation de Biosynthèse et Spectrométries Isotopiques (French: Elucidation of Biosynthesis and Isotopic Spectrometries)
EBSIEmployer Benefits Strategies, Inc. (est. 1994; Charleston, SC)
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The EBSI is a coordinated effort to address these challenges with the industry's most innovative approach to backup through disk-based solutions that complement tape libraries, optimize backup performance, and provide seamless interoperability, while preserving customers' existing investments in backup hardware, software and operational procedures.
Kevin Daly, former EBSI Board member, said: "The EBSI Board of Directors is excited about the impact on data protection and information lifecycle management practices that the SNIA's DMF will have.
Michael Peterson, president of Strategic Research Corporation, has been retained by the DMF as its new program director, a role he held for the EBSI.
The Data Protection Initiative focused on completing and delivering work projects begun under the EBSI such as designing an architectural model for data protection; publishing a glossary and implementation guidelines for data protection
EBSI will offer its customers its Secure Back Up offering (data back up over the Internet) along with Wisper's DSL network offering to provide a business solution to corporations looking to have secure and off site storage of their Corporate data assets.
EBSI brings considerable market coverage to specific industry segments selling Wisper's broadband connectivity solutions over high-speed DSL and wireless network as part of their offering.
We are enthusiastic with the market penetration and coverage EBSI brings to Wisper Networks," said David Childs, President, Wisper Inc.
developers of Backup For Dummies are leaders in Internet Security, earning such clients as Internet Direct, TUCOWS and EBSI.