EBSMEmployment Benefits and Support Measures (Canada)
EBSMEntreprise Générale du Bâtiment Sainte Marie (French: Sainte Marie General Building Contractor)
EBSMEvidence Based Stock Management
EBSMExtended Breathing Shell Model
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The goal of EBSMs is to provide services to individuals, to assist individuals in obtaining sustainable employment, and to reduce payments from the Employment Insurance (EI) program (Human Resources and Social Development Canada [HRSDC], 2004).
EBSMs were designed to save EI money; the Summative Evaluation provided a cost--benefit analysis (CBA) of each of the six EBSMs.
The Summative Evaluation (HRSDC, 2004) also provided an extensive evaluation of the EBSMs, albeit on limited outcome measures, and recommended further research.
However, whether the measures were sufficient to paint a complete and accurate picture of the impact of EBSMs is questionable.
Also noted was a discrepancy between the success rates of EBSMs for active versus former claimants.
EBSMs results also seemed to be affected by geographic location and local labor markets.
In 1999-2000, over 293 000 EBSM clients returned to work, far less than the number of new interventions registered in the same year.
positive incremental impact from wage subsides, public- funded job creation and training, reliance on income support does not seem to have fallen significantly through EBSM participation.
In the latter there is no transfer of resources, and the delivery of EBSMs remains the responsibility of the federal government.
Badger's technology and engineering services will provide the foundation for this EBSM plant representing the second phase of a larger styrenics complex that will support economic growth and job creation in Egypt through the development of the country's petrochemical master plan," said Eng.
We are delighted that Badger's EBSM technologies and process design capabilities have been selected by EStyrenics and we look forward to working with our customer to ensure the successful design, startup and operation of this significant project," stated Mark Healey, president of Badger Licensing.
The EBSM produced by TKSC has an annual capacity of 450,000 tonnes and the plant will receive ethylene supplies from Olefins II and benzene from the aromatics complex.